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Published27 Oct Abstract Many famous attacks take web browsers as transmission channels to make the target computer infected by malwares, such as watering hole and domain name hijacking.

However, the existence of such encryption protection makes the security software and devices confront with the difficulty lfh coins 2019 analyzing the encrypted malicious traffic at https://showcatalog.ru/2019/1-bitcoin-to-inr-in-2019.html. In order to better solve this kind of situation, this paper proposes a new efficient and transparent method for large-scale automated TLS traffic analysis, named as hyper TLS traffic analysis HTTA.

It extracts multiple types of valuable data from the target system lfh coins 2019 the hyper mode and then correlates them to lfh coins 2019 the network packets in real time, so that overall data correlation analysis can be performed on the target.

Additionally, we propose an aided reverse engineering method to support the analysis, which can lfh coins 2019 identify the target data in different versions of the program. The proposed method can be applied to lfh coins 2019 endpoints and cloud platforms; there are lfh coins 2019 trust risk of certificates and no influence on the target programs.

Finally, the real experimental results show are nicehash 2019 reddit can the method is feasible and effective for the analysis, which leads to the lower lfh coins 2019 overhead compared with other methods.

It covers all the popular browser programs with good adaptability and can be applied to the large-scale analysis. Introduction Currently, the incidents of malware attack occur so frequently as to cause the serious loss of data and property to internet users.

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Malicious code has presented new forms such as ransomware, phishing, and coin mining. Web browsers are the important sources lfh coins 2019 malware to infect the target computers.

For example, users download and install software bundled with malicious codes from the third-party website, or users encounter phishing attacks and access the fake page, or the web lfh coins 2019 loads a web page with vulnerability exploitation codes and triggers the infection of malware [ 1 ].

Meanwhile, the incorrect configuration of legitimate applications may also cause the exfiltration of privacy data.

Lfh coins 2019

For terminal users, web browser lfh coins 2019 an important application in their work and life. Consequently, it is crucial to inspect the content of web pages in order to create a secure internet environment for computer users.

It is based on TLS which can prevent the transmission of data from advertising hijacking and packet manipulation. Https://showcatalog.ru/2019/bitcoin-sinhala-2019.html also becomes the barrier of security information and event management SIEM lfh coins 2019.

Lfh coins 2019

Although the TLS protocol is very secure in theory, there are many kinds of problems in its practical uses.

The software which implements the protocol may have vulnerabilities, such as those of OpenSSL [ 56 ], and some insecure algorithms and cipher suites may cause the cipher text to be cracked [ 789 ]. Moreover, there may be Man-In-The-Middle MITM attacks in the authentication process, for reasons such as counterfeit certificates [ 10 ], certificate verification bugs or lack of security consciousness [ 1112 ].

Actually the problems led by improper deployment of TLS protocol are more complicated than we thought, especially in the browser application and HTTP protocol lfh coins 2019 1314 ].

The security of TLS protocol is continuously improved in the confrontation between attack and defense, lfh coins 2019 has been shown in the draft of TLS version 1.

In see more situation, the firewall based on packet filtering cannot lfh coins 2019 deep analysis on the lfh coins 2019 content. One better solution is to choose, model, and classify lfh coins 2019 plain information in the TLS connections with training, such as the handshake fingerprints [ 20 ] and then to pick out the malicious traffic in the real environment [ 21 ].

This method can only discover the abnormal TLS connections, but fails to identify the web page which contains malicious payload because the lfh coins 2019 is not decrypted.

Lfh coins 2019

Another solution is to interpose a TLS proxy in the communication, which is more general in security software and devices. First, adding a trusted Certificate Authority CA in the system and configuring the network proxy, when the browser makes a TLS rare pound coins, it will generate a specific certificate for the request domains, and it is signed with the installed certificates lfh coins 2019 [ 22 ].

In this case, trusted and auditable connections https://showcatalog.ru/2019/is-mining-monero-profitable-2019.html be established. Actually, this method is very suitable for web browsers but not general since many software implement the TLS protocol in a custom manner, also with the certificate or lfh coins 2019 key pinning.

Besides, proxy will delay the network transmission which can be detected by both the client and server, and the incorrect proxy configuration may cause serious security problems [ 2223 ].

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Function hook is also an approach to network data analysis, but it would interrupt the workflow of the program. Additionally, hooks will meet the challenge of program version diversity. Lfh coins 2019 are also some good tools for manual analysis which depend on proxies, such as Fiddler and mitmproxy [ 2425 ].

Wireshark is also helpful when the master key of TLS session can be obtained and imported [ 2627 ], but it depends on the special configuration of the target program and also lacks the full automation.

The plugins of browsers can also help to analyze the web page content, which do not have the capability of raw packet manipulation and have compatibility issues. From the gemini exchange 2019 coins 2019 of attacks, the aggressive methods have limitations, and they will be lfh coins 2019 due to vulnerability patches.

Nowadays, in that the security of TLS lfh coins 2019 improved, the attack approach cannot make a persistent traffic analysis.

Lfh coins 2019

It is common that the browser triggers the vulnerability and malware installation when users are working on the internet; hence, traffic analysis needs to be deepened in order to block the malicious code ahead.

In general, the existing methods are inefficient see more the large-scale analysis in real time, which also depend on the modification of the target program or system.

The analysis is limited to the decryption and isolated from the data analysis in the system perspective. Lfh coins 2019 accordance with the above situations, we deeply research the mechanism of different browsers and analogous programs.

It aims at the efficiency, transparency, large-scale, automation, and real-time analysis. The key idea is that it extracts the session information from the process space of browsers and then correlates it with multiple types of data and works in real time, so that further correlation analysis can be performed on the decrypted packets.

The proposed information extraction method and data analysis pattern can cover the popular web browsers on multiple platforms and overcome the challenge lfh coins 2019 real-time analysis, without depending on the trusted certificates and hooking methods. In summary, the main contributions lfh coins 2019 this paper are as follows: Firstly, we propose a new efficient automated method and its corresponding framework for large-scale TLS traffic analysis of the browsers; it is also suitable for programs which have the homogeneous crypto infrastructure.

The method collects and correlates multiple types of online data with noninvasive mode, bitcoin in is china 2019 legal can perform real-time transparent analysis.

It carries both efficiency and lfh coins 2019 and can be deployed flexibly. Secondly, we propose a new session information extraction method based on the session cache and the characteristic of low fragmentation heap, which can cover the popular read more browsers.

Lfh coins 2019

Additionally, for coping with the version diversity of programs, the instruction similarity matching method lfh coins 2019 the constraint of graph path is further proposed to locate the key variable and function, to help extract the relevant session information.

Thirdly, we give a prototype implementation on Windows platform and analyze its essential links. The framework has a simple structure for fast installation and deployment, lfh coins 2019 it can be used in the further development of the automated analysis system for TLS traffic in the real environment.

Finally, this lfh coins 2019 method is verified by experiments with multiple types of browsers in reality. The experimental results demonstrate that the method can refund 2019 precise and efficient analysis with the lower performance overhead and also lfh coins 2019 no interruption to the workflow of the target program at the same time.

The rest of the paper is organized as lfh coins 2019. The related work see more reviewed in Section 2. Section 3 describes the proposed method and analysis approaches in detail. Section 4 shows the key points of implementation.

The conducted experiments and results are demonstrated in Section 5. Section 6 gives the discussions, and Section 7 concludes the work.

Related Work There are a lot of research work about the attack and defense techniques of browsers and traffic analysis, and some related work think, ethereum airdrop 2019 share this paper are as follows.

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Protocol Crack and Attack Duong et al. Rizzo et al. Fardan et al. They also depend on the specific protocol versions.

Lfh coins 2019

Proxy and Traffic Analysis Marlinspike et al. Liang et al. Jia et al.

Lfh coins 2019

Sherry et al. Similarly, searchable encryption is widely discussed in the cloud storage, outsourcing, and so on [ 34 ].

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But it may have difficulties to fully secure network communications, for example, lfh coins 2019 encryption efficiency is low, lfh coins 2019 anyone on the network route can search the content by keyword guessing.

Even though, from the perspective of traffic analysis, it is difficult to understand the semantics of the whole communication through some searches only. Https://showcatalog.ru/2019/kucoin-api-python.html et al.

Lfh coins 2019

It pointed out that web servers could detect these behaviors, and the interception might weaken the security of original TLS connections. Carnavalet and Mannan designed a framework for analyzing the TLS proxies on the client, which could uncover the security risks introduced by these interception tools [ 22 ].

However, these research studies showed that the network proxy might cause the security problems, and lfh coins 2019 malicious code could also disrupt the proxy configuration with lfh coins 2019 same method.

It is transparent to the both sides of the communication. Memory Data Extraction Dolan-Gavitt et al. The keyfind plugin is used to search master keys in the memory, and it tries to decrypt lfh coins 2019 validate the packet by using the each byte data as a master key.

Similarly, Taubmann et al.

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Feng et al. It is helpful to solve one of the problems in our framework. We also propose another solution to solve the location problem of pivotal functions and variables. Page Content Analysis Vadrevu et al. Jayasinghe et lfh coins 2019. Studies based on the page content analysis fall on the lfh coins 2019 https://showcatalog.ru/2019/how-to-receive-money-anonymously-2019.html of just click for source research, and some can be integrated lfh coins 2019 the proposed framework in this paper.

In general, compared with the existing research work, we mainly focus on the efficient automated TLS traffic analysis in the large scale, which will recover the original text in the encryption channel and make further data analysis.

Lfh coins 2019

Moreover, we unwrap the network packets by lfh coins 2019 multiple types of runtime data, and will deal with the effect of decryption and the real-time analysis problems.

The proposed method in lfh coins 2019 paper is applicable and scalable, which can be easily deployed in practice. Method Description 3. Architecture Overview Traffic source mechanisms improve the capability of data protection, while they weaken the security data link system.

To address this, flexible and efficient schemes are needed for TLS traffic acquisition and lfh coins 2019. Two questions should be https://showcatalog.ru/2019/mining-dollar-legit-2019.html which also motivates the research.

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One is: how to defend lfh coins 2019 vulnerability exploitations and malicious codes before the browser parses and renders the page? The thorough method is to lfh coins 2019 the content of network traffic continuously and extract lfh coins 2019 traffic characteristics to the host or network intrusion prevention system.

The other is: how to improve the efficiency and reduce the impact on the target system while analyzing?

Lfh coins 2019

It preferably needs the noninvasive approaches to ensure the security and real time. The overall architecture of HTTA is shown in Figure 1 ; it collects multiple types of data associated with the target programs in the hyper mode, for example, from the kernel space, hypervisor, or hardware device.

The acquired data include processes, threads, active network connections, file operations, read article Lfh coins 2019 commit capital one coinbase 2019 commit lfh coins 2019 the target operating system.

The network traffic is also collected and filtered, which can be performed in a bypass continue reading if there are no packet lfh coins 2019 requirements.

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