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Verge price prediction 2019

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Aktuelle Veranstaltungen The first study was conducted in during the election campaigns for the last German federal election and the second study in during the campaigns for verge price prediction 2019 European Parliament elections.

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Web browsing behavior of about 1, participants was tracked over several weeks in and web browsing behavior of about verge price prediction 2019, participants in In addition, participants answered to several rounds of surveys measuring their political preferences and socio-demographic information.

Results from these studies suggest that social media and search engines do not restrict the diversity of content that users are exposed to. Regarding the spread of disinformation in Germany, results indicate that disinformation is a rather limited phenomenon.

Social media, however, seem to play an important role in the dissemination of such content.

Ruben Bach is a postdoctoral researcher in statistics and social science research methodology at the University of Mannheim.

Trained in economics, in the social sciences and in survey methodology, his research focuses on questions related to the use source big data and digital trace data for social research for example, web log data and social media data and accompanying issues regarding data privacy.

He also studies how computational methods from the machine learning and natural language processing toolbox can be applied to social scientific research problems. Recently, he started investigating unintended consequences of the use of artificial intelligence for social inequality and methods to de-bias "unfair" algorithms.

Januar - Simone Ponzetto: A General Framework for Implicit and Explicit Debiasing of Distributional Word Vector Spaces Distributional word vectors verge price prediction 2019 recently been shown to encode many of the human biases, most notably gender and racial biases, and models for attenuating such biases have consequently been verge price prediction 2019.

However, existing models and studies 1 operate click under-specified and mutually differing bias definitions, 2 are tailored for a particular bias e.

In this work, we introduce a general framework for debiasing word embeddings.

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We operationalize the definition of a bias by discerning two types of bias specification: explicit and implicit. We then propose three debiasing models that operate on explicit or implicit bias specifications, and that can be composed towards more robust debiasing.

Finally, we devise a full-fledged evaluation framework in which verge price prediction 2019 couple existing bias metrics with newly proposed ones. Experimental findings across three embedding methods suggest that the proposed debiasing models are robust and widely applicable: they often completely remove the bias both implicitly and explicitly, without degradation of semantic information encoded in any of the input distributional spaces.

Moreover, verge price prediction 2019 successfully transfer debiasing models, by means of verge price prediction 2019 embedding spaces, and remove or attenuate biases in distributional word vector spaces of languages that lack readily available bias specifications.

Dezember - Roberta Sinatra: Scientific careers, interdisciplinarity and the chaperone effect The unprecedented availability of large scale datasets about scholarly output has advanced quantitatively our understanding of how science progresses.

In this talk we present a series of findings from the analysis of a large-scale dataset of publications verge price prediction 2019 of scientific careers.

Verge price prediction 2019

We tackle the following three questions: How does impact evolve in a career? What is the role of scientific chaperones in achieving high impact?

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How interdisciplinary is our award system? We show the role of chaperones in achieving high scientific impact and we study the relation between interdisciplinarity and scientific recognitions. Taken together, we contribute to the understanding of the verge price prediction 2019 governing the emergence learn more here scientific success.

November - Bruno Castanho Silva: Quantitative Text Analysis Approaches to Measure Populist Discourse With populism on the rise around the world, researchers have been developing different ways to measure it, in order to better understand its causes and consequences.

When looking at the elite level, a natural source for analysis is communication produced by politicians and click.

Verge price prediction 2019

It would be ideal to have an automated method to classify texts from different countries and languages as populist, in order to scale up verge price prediction 2019 analyses and cover a large number of politicians and time-frame.

However, up to now there is no well-performing automated method for the detection of populist discourse in texts, partially due to the lack of large training corpora -- i. We address this problem by using the Global Populism Database Hawkins et al.

Verge price prediction 2019

It includes more than 1, speeches from politicians in 60 countries. We use three methods: supervised machine learning, structural topic models scaling, and Wordscores, in order to find an accurate measure verge price prediction 2019 can be applied to new texts.

Verge price prediction 2019

Our models show a moderate correlation with the hand-coded scores, and acceptable performance when populism is treated as a binary indicator, suggesting they can be verge price prediction 2019 to measure populism in speeches that have not verge price prediction 2019 assessed by human coders yet.

Social scientists who already use computational tools that automatically register online information behavior, often rely on web analytics software e.

Such software, however, requires the modification of the original web content of targeted websites or focus on one technological interface e.

For broader tracking efforts, some academic tools are just evolving e. This is where the project of Prof. Maier and her colleagues sets in. They are developing a tracking tool that allows to track online information behavior across different platforms and extract the content just click for source user actually sees for the further analysis.

The latter feature is very important as such screen-scraping allows Prof. verge price prediction 2019

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Maier and her colleagues to observe the algorithmically personalized content each user is exposed to. In contrast to most commercial solutions, this tool strongly focuses on privacy issues allowing different privacy options.

WebTrack verge price prediction 2019 a browser extension so far adapted for Verge price prediction 2019 and Firefoxwhich runs on desktop devices.

Verge price prediction 2019

In the presentation Prof. Maier and her colleagues will demonstrate how the tool works, and which chances and challenges she and her colleagues verge price prediction 2019. Juli - Jutta Mata: Breaking bread at the dinner table and on social media: A health psychology perspective The average European eats too little fruits and vegetables.

Verge price prediction 2019

The current individual-centered interventions on healthier eating are little effective - potentially, because they do not consider that eating is actually a social activity. It is the glue verge price prediction 2019 social relationships.

Feeling as part of a group eating chips together is often more important than eating healthy food alone. Food is also one of the central topics in social media. Why do people post food pictures on verge price prediction 2019 media?

How do social media shape dietary norms and eating behaviors?

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Verge price prediction 2019 this talk, Verge price prediction 2019 Mata will present observational longitudinal studies, experiments, and tracking of mobile devices to investigate these questions.

The speaker will also talk about new ideas on how to join psychological and computational sciences to better understand eating-related activities in social media. Her main research topics include understanding individual and environmental factors that determine weight-related health behaviors and the effects of health behaviors on well-being.

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She is also interested in the use and effects of mHealth and online social networks for healthy behavior. Jutta studied psychology in Göttingen, Lisbon, and Berlin. From she was verge price prediction 2019 assistant professor of health psychology at the University of Basel.

Speaker: Jutta MataUniversity of Mannheim Juni - Erick Verge price prediction 2019 What the Media do in the Shadows: A Computational Investigation of the Propaganda Model The Propaganda Model PM discussed in Manufacturing Consent is a theory in political economy that states that the mass media are channels through which governments and major power groups pass article source certain ideologies and mold a general consent according to their own interests.

According to the authors, every piece of news has gone through a set of filters that ultimately yield the source event as newsworthy.

Verge price prediction 2019

Current developments in communications, the digital availability of large-scale news online streaming from every corner of the world, together with our increasing capability to verge price prediction 2019 all this information in a lot of different ways, give us the perfect environment to test social theories using quantitative methods.

In our work we take advantage of all these data to test, empirically, the verge price prediction 2019 laid out in the PM. Previous works have used machine learning and natural language processing techniques, but focused only on showing bias to a political party by a sample of the major news outlets.

Here we make a first attempt in the formalization of the model and the filters, and we help to provide an explanation of how the media works taking a computational approach.

Results illustrate a measurable media bias, showing marked favoritism of Chilean media for the ruling political parties. This favoritism becomes clearer as we empirically observe a shift in the position of the mass media when there is a change in government.

Furthermore, results support the PM by showing that high levels of concentration characterize the Chilean media landscape in terms read article ownership and topical coverage.

Verge price prediction 2019

Our studies on the geographic news 2019 crypto wallet best android also give indications of the presence of the second filter advertising.

Experiments on predicting the communities with the biggest share of readership show this to be highly correlated with those regions with the greatest population, verge price prediction 2019 socioeconomic status, and a distinct political preference.

As far as we know, this is the first time that there has been an attempt to empirically test this political economy theory using data science. In part, this is due to the high availability in both developed and developing countries of relatively cheap smartphones that we carry with us all the time.

Unlike desktops or laptops, one defining characteristic of mobile phones is that they are always geo-located, either by GPS, antenna triangulation, or simply antenna connections. In this talk, I will present results from several studies done using ecologically-valid data sets of mobile phone usage CDRs, XDRs, and a bit of an even lower level of analysis, deep packet inspection and the towers they connect to, drawing conclusions and predicting different kinds of behaviors, from social mixing, to news consumption, to gender equality.

All these studies were conducted by analyzing web traffic either by proxy to applications like Verge price prediction 2019 Go, or effectively through DNS resolution as in the news study. I will conclude by talking about the coming trends in the field of mobile phone data analysis, its limitations, and spend some time verge price prediction 2019 issues of how to day trade crypto 2019, data security, anonymization and general data responsibility for researchers and the company providing the data.

Mai - Philipp Schaer, Malte Bonart: Monitoring query auto-completions in web search In this talk, Philipp Schaer and Malte Bonart present a web scraping framework for monitoring the auto-completions of a large set of queries and various search providers.

Verge price prediction 2019 auto-completions in web search engines support their users in formulating the search think, bitcoin cash 2019 prediction consider and can point to previously unaware query candidates.

When searching for well-known persons, such as politicians or celebrities, trending person-related suggestions appear in the ranking over a short period. For the last years, the speakers have gathered daily search suggestions of the names of German politicians and political terms.

They describe the dataset and its essential characteristics. Then, the talk refers to preliminary work on measuring topical biases regarding person related attributes, such as the gender or the party affiliation.

Market analysis and visualization using Python

Finally, it will be discussed about further verge price prediction 2019 ideas regarding the credibility of person-related auto-completions and future cooperations with GESIS. He is a former team leader and postdoctoral researcher at the GESIS department Computational Verge price prediction 2019 Science where he led a team of computer, social and information scientists.

He published on information retrieval-related topics https://showcatalog.ru/2019/nicehash-2019-reddit.html query expansion, applied informetric methods in digital libraries, and evaluation of information systems.

His research focuses on the composition and evolution of query suggestions in web search related to politicians and political topics. Previously, he was a research assistant at the GESIS department Computational Social Science where verge price prediction 2019 collected, analyzed and visualized large amounts of textual, social media data.

April - Christoph Stadtfeld: Verge price prediction 2019 micro-macro link in social networks Social networks are complex and dynamic systems.

Individual nodes in networks, however, do not necessarily overlook the verge price prediction 2019 as a whole, but are mostly affected by their smaller micro-level neighborhoods. At the same time, emerging coins 2019 macro-level network outcomes such as segregation, cluster formation, or the distribution of knowledge have a direct impact on them and can restrict their opportunities to act.

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Verge price prediction 2019 talk illustrates how state-of-the-art statistical network verge price prediction 2019 and computational techniques can be combined to investigate the micro-macro link in social networks.

Recent empirical work in the context of the Swiss StudentLife study will illustrate the value of this approach. His research focuses on the development and application of theories and statistical methods for social network dynamics. April - Nicola Perra: Modeling opinion dynamics in the age of algorithmic personalization Modern technology has drastically changed the way we interact and consume information.

For example, online social see more allow for seamless communication exchanges at an unprecedented scale.

However, we are still bounded by cognitive and temporal constraints.

Verge price prediction 2019

Our attention is limited and extremely valuable. Algorithmic personalization has become a standard approach to tackle the information overload problem.

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