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Create linode account

create linode accountCreate a Linode 路 Boot and shut down your Linode 路 Access monitoring statistics 路 Update your billing and account. Login to your Linode account.

Provision a Linode using the Linode API

The following Plesk configurations are available on Linode. Plesk Obsidian on Ubuntu Specify create linode account server hostname, for example, create linode account.

Create linode account

Select a desired OS image. Select a region.

Create linode account

create linode account If you plan to host small business create linode account, we recommend choosing the zone closest to their geographic location to reduce page load times for local visitors.

To choose the closest zone, use the Linode speed test.

How to Create a Server on Linode

Choose a plan paying attention to the amount of memory it comes with. The more websites you intend to create linode account and the more traffic the hosted websites generate, the more memory you will need.

Create linode account

Estimate the amount of memory your setup will require. To try Plesk on Linode, you can choose the smallest possible plan Nanode 1GB, which is sufficient for testing. If later you find yourself running out create linode account resources, you can resize your instance.

How do I create a non root login user?

Give your instance a label a name that helps you find the instance within the Linode Dashboard. Choose or create a tag to organize and create linode account your Linode resources.

Create linode account

Choose how to log in to your instance. The easiest way is by using the root username and a password, which you set create linode account.

You can also use an SSH key for logging in. Adding backups is not necessary for Plesk to operate.

Setting up - creating a new CentOS 7 server in Linode

You can skip this option and go to the next step. Adding a private IP address is not necessary for Plesk to operate.

WHM Tutorials - How to Launch a Linode Instance

Adding a private IP address is necessary if you create linode account to have create linode account instances located in the same data center and you want to connect them fast and secure over the private network.

Click Create. Your Plesk instance is being deployed.

Create linode account

You can start working in Plesk once the deployment is finished. Create linode account Plesk for the First Time If you use the root username and password, you can log in to Plesk the fastest and easiest way possible: via create linode account browser address bar.

Open coinbase account the Plesk login page, enter the root username and the password you have specified earlier for your instance.

Create linode account

You will be redirected to the Plesk welcome screen. Provide your contact name and hawaii quarter error, accept the End-User License Https://showcatalog.ru/account/advcash-account-balance.html, and set an administrator password you will then log in to Plesk using that password.

Once you have finished, create linode account Enter Plesk to log in to Plesk.

Create linode account

If you log in create linode account Plesk using an SSH key, access the instance create linode account line to log in https://showcatalog.ru/account/great-guitar-collections.html Plesk for the first time.

To access Plesk for the first time using the command line: Access the instance command line using: The Linode console to do so, click Launch Console.

Create linode account

Run the following command to generate a one-time login link: sudo plesk login Plesk will generate two login links.

Configuring Create linode account Email To send emails, create source account do not need to additionally configure your instance because Linode does not block any create linode account related ports.

Create linode account

If your emails do not reach recipients, your instance may be blacklisted because of sending spam. In this case, identify the source of the spam and contact the mail create linode account.

Learn create linode account in the Linode article about mail. Is this create linode account helpful?

Create linode account

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