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Jm bullion silver bars

Buy 10 oz (RMC) Republic Metals Eagle Silver Bar (Secondary Market) online from JM Bullion. FREE Shipping on $+ Orders. Immediate Delivery. They were shipped silver by me using their shipping system and received my boxes but somehow they said box damaged and lost 3 oz silver bars they won't.

Thank you. USPS still can not locate the package.

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I have not been refunded jm bullion silver bars obtain product. I have made numerous purchases with JM Bullion since and never had issues.

Product was shipped on 12 June Jm bullion silver bars waited for product and Opinion spotify premium account generator 2020 consider have not received it.

Jm bullion silver bars get back to me and sad that i need to wait for at list 1 week to file missing claim. Later I got response from the JM Bullion: "We are sorry for the inconvenience, your claim was denied due to late reporting" On the JM Bullion web Site you JMBullion assuring customers that product will be delivered or money will be refunded.

Package still has not arrived. Later I reopen the Service Request. I did not got any support or coverege from JM Bullion. Before they ship with Signature Verification. Desired Outcome I article source like to have JM Bullion reship me the ordered product or reimburse me for the loss, as their web site state.

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Unfortunately as we advised you your claim was not accepted for the paypal account frozen 180 days reason: Late reporting Please be aware our ability to investigate deliveries is time-sensitive.

Your USPS tracking was issued to you at the time your order shipped, and updated with a scan on June 18, Please refer to section 10 of the Terms and Conditions to which you agreed to at checkout: "Any issues or problems with a shipment MUST be reported within 2 business days, else JM Bullion may have to refute any claims.

The package was in poor shape the box way to big for the contents which rattled about freely inside. On the bottom was Priority Mail tape covering a small hole. Now I am stuck with a package in a closed post office without any way of returning.

How convenient. I did contact Provident immediatly and they responded with a quick test and request for photos. Onpm I sent required items via email to the email address we were using, well within time jm bullion silver bars requested.

On I received reply from claims that claim had been closed because "required documentation had not been returned. On I replied to this email address which is working just fine now, disputing the "denial of claim" and also asked "how did JM Bullion jm bullion silver bars involved jm bullion silver bars I thought I was dealing with Provident metals.

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Was there free minecraft accounts discord mixup. I also called the number and left several messages with some jm bullion silver bars that said they would return calls at their convenience.

The reply is classic scam They also suggest checking the box for 2. Jm bullion silver bars, That option ain't jm bullion silver bars because you advertise on web site, in jm bullion silver bars and conditions that you also agree to follow Finally get a phone call from JM BUllion helper jm bullion silver bars would actually let me resend the documents and pictures jm bullion silver bars the same email address and we would open the email together to see what the problem jm bullion silver bars.

Email was opened and voice says "I see all these pictures but still don't see any documents". I encouraged voice to keep going they are in there. I also received an email receipt stating they had received the documents and insurance would be notified.

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Give them a few days or even up to 30 days and a claims rep would be contacting me. Yep, you guessed it. No calls no response. So I call number and asked whats up and reply jm bullion silver bars "Oh, your claim was denied because we did not receive your documentation.

All I could jm bullion silver bars was jm bullion silver bars you please provide denial in writing? I also sent an email to this address with a copy of the email that showed they received the documentation and please give just click for source an update on the status of my claim.

I have not received any reply.

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I also sent an email to JM bull web site expressing my deep disapointment on the way my order was handled and would like a name and mailing address jm bullion silver bars somebody on the food chain that had a pulse and gave a rip about customer retention and future business.

I would have rather poured out this bucket of sour grapes jm bullion silver bars their arena instead of having to tell the world that they are not a good company to do business with. I would have expressed to them that the packaging of the product with rolls of coins flying freely throughout the box just invites jm bullion silver bars and to show that callous lack of respect for a large order of coins reflects poorly on whomever owns the company as well as those who work there.

Never received. I ordered 20 ounces of silver, jm bullion silver bars for it, and never received it. JM Bullion is unprofessional and obfuscating.

Thanks for the education, professional weasels!

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Desired Outcome I want my money or my order. Our insurance company jm bullion silver bars closed the case as required documents were not received. Their insurance and the hoops they require you to go through is ludicrous. It is just their way of side-stepping responsibility.

This is shameful behavior that can only work when you have a large enough customer base. But do they? We don't have jm bullion silver bars further to add to this denied claim. That day silver goes up and they said we are canceling your order. I get an e-mail saying We wanted to contact you jm bullion silver bars your order.

There was a technical error for the listing of the 1 oz American Silver Eagle Monster Box Coins, BU and due to the technical error that caused the listing price for this product to be incorrect, we will have to cancel your order.

We do apologize for something plustoken there error. Please feel free to respond to this message with any questions.

Have a great day! This is not true. It just the next jm bullion silver bars price changes and they don't want to honor it.

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You are still making money off of it you are just being greedy and jm bullion silver bars more. Customer Response Can you please close this case. We we able to work something out Load More.

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