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Wirex business account fees

wirex business account feesAccount name: Wirex VISA Card Date: 21 Fees may also apply for using services linked to the account which are not listed here. 3% of the transaction value. From the main Wirex page, Click 'Register on Wirex for Business' and enter your name and business email on the showcatalog.ru click Create Account.

Wirex business account fees

Show more How Wirex works in the Netherlands Wirex is a digital payment platform that helps you manage wirex business account fees money at home and abroad at a low cost. Its features include easy-to-view transactions, and fast payments and transfers. Wirex business account fees, you this web page buy, sell and manage your money via 11 supported traditional currencies and nine cryptocurrencies.

Wirex business account fees

You can load money onto your prepaid Visa card and start spending across the world. Your card can be used online, in shops, over the phone or by withdrawing cash from wirex business account fees ATM.

What can you do with Wirex?

Wirex Card Review 2020 - Best Crypto Debit/Credit Card? - Stop Using Coinbase Card Now!

Fee-free top ups. International payments.


The app lets you spend money abroad in more than currencies wirex business account fees the interbank rate the same rates banks give each other for crypto and traditional currencies. Buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Wirex business account fees

Read more about crypto below. Bitcoin rewards. Get up to 1.

Meet Wirex Business

Any rewards you accrue are paid back to you in BTC. Instant alerts.

Wirex business account fees

Keep track of your spending and budgeting wirex business account fees in-app alerts for each account.

International ATM withdrawals. You can use your Wirex Wirex business account fees anywhere wirex business account fees Visa is accepted.

Wirex business account fees

Zero account maintenance fees. Make contactless payments.

Wirex business account fees

Tap and spend with ease. Wirex business account fees much does Wirex cost?

Wirex launches crypto business accounts

But there are a certain number of fees and limits to be aware of. These include: Card maintenance fee.

Wirex business account fees

ATM withdrawal charge. ATM withdrawal limit.

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You can take out up to USD per day only. Foreign exchange fees.

Wirex business account fees

Card spending. Cryptocurrency purchases. Compare Wirex products in the Netherlands.

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