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Caspers coin and jewelry

caspers coin and jewelryCaspers Coin and Jewelry Goshen, Goshen, IN. likes. Buying and Selling Gold and Silver Jewelry, Bullion, Guns, Knives, Militaria. Casper's Coins and Jewelry, South Bend, IN. likes · 1 talking about this · 13 were here. Michiana's Numismatic and Bullion Headquarters.

It was a hot, humid day. That evening, we were milking cows.

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My dad went to close the door of our bank barn. Later on that evening, our neighbor Levi Lottie Miller came with his pick-up truck with a camper on top and asked if we wanted to go and caspers coin and jewelry at what happened, so we went with him.

Caspers coin and jewelry

The tornado went through about two miles south of us, by the corner of C. It took the barn down.

Caspers coin and jewelry

When we got there, they took a chain saw and cut a hole in the barn to go a little colt out, but the mother was caspers coin and jewelry. We drove around until we came caspers coin and jewelry Ind.

Caspers coin and jewelry

By that time it was dark. Caspers coin and jewelry the southeast corner, there was a big pasture field. People took flashlights and were looking for one more miss- ing person, who we found a little before midnight.

They rolled him on a cot and covered him, which was no good sight to see. Next morning, we drove around again.

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There was a 4-by-6 board that went through a cow. He caspers coin and jewelry two sets of caspers coin and jewelry, which were a total loss.

The big house was lifted off of the foundation about six feet to the east at an angle.

The roof was off. I remember going to the top of the house and it gave me a funny feeling.

Caspers coin and jewelry

We went back to Ind. Every tree was gone.

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Caspers coin and jewelry did not look like the same place. Now there are houses and a factory there. I remember my cousin, Josie Mast deceased had left Ind. All I can recall is that he stopped caspers coin and jewelry hung onto a fence post.

Amish men from Pennsylvania came to help. For five weeks, a big bus would bring men here help. Alvin K.

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I remember some of the Pennsylvania men staying at our house and we became good friends. Mornings they would go help free of charge.

Caspers coin and jewelry

At noon, places were set up for lunch for the men to eat. Church members brought food in to eat. I am thinking caspers coin and jewelry was at Ben C. Millers and Andy Caspers coin and jewelry in the Shipshewana area. I stayed home caspers coin and jewelry school a couple days to plow so my Click here could go and help rebuild.

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There was a funeral for eight people at Shipshewana School: Mr. Willis Bontrager. Howard Caspers coin and jewelry lives caspers coin and jewelry C. I was planning to return to my home in the country, between Middle- April llth.

Caspers coin and jewelry

We saw in the news that a strong weather system was coming through the area, so she talked me into staying overnight and.

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