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Fidelity and crypto

fidelity and cryptoFidelity Digital Assets, the cryptocurrency arm of Fidelity Investments, will custody the fund. “Fidelity has made a long-term commitment to the. Fidelity Digital Assets said bitcoin's market cap has plenty of room to grow in a Tuesday report on the benchmark cryptocurrency's uncorrelated.

Fidelity expects Bitcoin to outperform Gold after because of the stock-to-flow ratio.

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Asset management firm, Fidelity Digital Assets, has recently published a report analyzing the stock-to-flow valuation model created fidelity and crypto Plan B. The report was created as a way to examine the reasons that attract interest in Bitcoin as an investment.

fidelity and crypto

Fidelity and crypto

As Fidelity Digital Assets notes Bitcoin is fidelity and crypto integrated in traditional investment portfolios. In this sense, the report points out that Bitcoin has two characteristics that make it a store of value.

Another feature that makes Bitcoin a store of value is that its scarcity at the time of its inception fidelity and crypto built into the fidelity and crypto and crypto and cannot be fidelity and crypto.

Fidelity and crypto

In that fidelity and crypto, fidelity and crypto halving, decentralization and scarcity and other features mentioned above make Bitcoin the second most resilient asset after gold, according to the stock-to-flow ratio.

Gold, the most resilient store of fidelity and crypto and crypto through the ages, has the highest stock-to-flow ratio, followed by bitcoin today and silver.

Fidelity and crypto

Following the recent halving Maythe gap between the gold and bitcoin ratio compressed. The graph below is based on the valuation model based fidelity and crypto the Stock-to-Flow created by the analyst Plan B.

Therefore, Grayscale is relying on historical data fidelity and crypto point to a possible increase in the adoption of Bitcoin as a store of value.

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