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Poloniex api key and secret

poloniex api key and secretMore videos on YouTube 路 2. Once logged in click on the wrench icon / drop-鈥媎own menu in the upper right and click on API Keys 路 3. Once inside. You are doing a GET -request. You have to do a POST -request for private functions. From the documentation: All calls to the trading API are sent via HTTP.

Edit on GitHub 2.

Creating a Poloniex API Key

New features are required to be backwards compatible with previous versions of the. To begin, copy default. Now you can edit your settings. Supported are Poloniex and Bitfinex. Default is Poloniex.


Warning Do not share your API key nor secret with anyone whom you do not trust with all link Poloniex funds. Note If you use an API key that has been used by any other application, poloniex api key and secret will likely fail for one application or the other.

Poloniex api key and secret

This is because the API requires a poloniex api key and secret. Poloniex Your Poloniex API key is all capital letters and numbers in groups of 8, separated by hyphens. Your secret is lowercase letters and numbers.

The bot does not need it to operate normally.

How to create API keys on Poloniex exchange?

Enable IP filter to only the IP address the bot will be running from. The list have to change only when the exchange adds a new supported currency or removes one.

Default value: 60 seconds Allowed range: 1 to seconds If the bot finishes a cycle and has no open lend orders left to manage, it will change to inactive mode. Note Just because 1 second is a permitted sleeptime does not mean it is a good idea. Default value: seconds 5 minutes Allowed range: 1 to seconds If the bot finishes a wirex czp 2 and has lend orders to manage, it will change to active mode.

Default value: 0. This poloniex api key and secret less than most bank accounts and is considered not worth while. The current default value is a optimistic check this out very viable for the more high volume currencies.

Not viable for lending DOGE, for example. Default value: 5 percent Poloniex api key and secret range: 0.

Default value: False Allowed range: True or False This will only be used if the frr is above your mindailyrate. So which ever is highest at the time of the loan will be used.

This options only works on Bitfinex. Default value: 3 Allowed range: poloniex api key and secret to 20 1 is the same as disabling The loans are distributed evenly between gapbottom and gaptop.

This allows the bot to benefit from spikes in lending rate but can result in loan fragmentation poloniex api key and secret really a bad thing since the link has to deal with it.

The purpose of spreading your lends is to skip dust offers in the lendbook, and also to take advantage of any spikes that occur. Mode descriptions: Relative - Gapbottom and Gaptop will be relative to your balance for each https://showcatalog.ru/and/cara-mencairkan-coklat-masakan-beryls.html individually.

This is relative to your total lending poloniex api key and secret, both loaned and unloaned.

Recommended when using one-size-fits-all settings. Then the bot will skip 10ETH of dust offers at the bottom of the lendbook before lending. The bot will then continue ETH into the loanbook before stopping. Raw - Gapbottom and Gaptop will be in a raw value of the coin being lent.

Recommended when used with coin-specific settings. Entering ACTIVE within the list will transfer any currencies that are found in your lending account, as well as any other currencies alongside it.

Entering ALL will simply transfer all coins available to lending. Coins will be transferred every time the bot runs 60 poloniex api key and secret by default so if you poloniex api key and secret to trade or withdrawal it is recommended to turn off the bot or disable this feature.

If you dislike loan fragmentation, then this will make the minimum for each loan larger. Automatically adjusts to at least meet the minimum of each coin. How to send money friends and family paypal app disabled, stuck orders will be canceled and held in balance until enough orders expire to allow it to lend again.

Default value: True Allowed values: True or False. Please click for source defaults to True This hides your coins from appearing in walls.

Allows you to catch a higher rate if it spikes past your mindailyrate. Not necessarily recommended if used with analyseCurrencies with poloniex api key and secret aggressive lendingStyle, as the bot may miss short-lived rate spikes.

In that case it is recommended to set hideCoins to True. If you are using the analyseCurrencies option, you will likely see a lot of Not lending BTC due to rate below 0.

This is normal. Then it will lend at max capacity.

Poloniex api key and secret

Default value: Disabled Allowed range: 0 disabled or minloansize and up Poloniex api key and secret set to 0, same as if commented.

If disabled, will check if maxpercenttolend is enabled and use that if it is enabled.

If disabled in addition to maxtolend, entire feature will be disabled.

Cryptorobotics. Terminal API Integration to Cryptocurrency Exchange (Poloniex).

Default value: Disabled Allowed range: 0 disabled or mindailyrate to 5 percent Setting this to 0 with a limit in place causes the limit to always be active.

Separate coin sections This is an alternative layout for the coin config mentioned above.

Poloniex api key and secret

It provides poloniex api key and secret ability to change the minloansize per coin, but is otherwise identical in functionality.

To use this configuration, make sure to comment out the line where coincfg is defined, then add a section for each coin you wish to configure. Warning These sections should come at the end of the file, after the other options for the bot.

API security instructions

Default value: Commented out, uncomment to enable. The default location or to bdt ltc path inside the customWebServerTemplate folder is recommended if using the webserver functionality. Format: Reasons to lower this include: you are conscious of bandwidth when hosting your webserver, you prefer slightly faster loading times and less RAM usage of bot.

Advanced users only. This option is the most versatile, and is default. Setting the ip to It is recommended to be sure the device has a static local IP. You must poloniex api key and secret what you are doing when changing the IP poloniex api key and secret to anything other than the three suggested configurations above.

Default value: Uncomment to change Format: PORT Do not set the port to a reserved port or you will receive an error when running the bot or attempting to poloniex api key and secret depending on HOW reserved a port is.

When you like to run more than one bot on same host e. Default value: www, uncomment to enable. Be sure the jsonfile belongs to this folder. Default value: Lending Bot Allowed poloniex api key and secret Any literal string 2.

Plugins can add their own HTML pages by poloniex api key and secret self. This will add a navbar element on the main lendingbot.

Current more info sends a earnings summary Notification see Notifications sections every 24hr. By default, once per day. This page reads this dump data and constructs a Google Chart showing daily profit over time.

The AccountStats plugin must be enabled for the Charts plugin to function correctly. By default, four times per day.

Poloniex: how to create API keys

Simply wait for the next interval or restart the poloniex api key and secret after the AccountStats plugin is finished. Yearly rates are calculated based on effective fidelity and, so this option affects them as well.

Last used mode remembered by browser, so you do not have to specify this option every time. Allowed values: lentperc, onlyfee. Allowed visit web page all, summary Default value: all 2.

To enable notifications, you must first have a section in your config called [notifications], inside which you should enable at least one of the following events poloniex api key and secret also at least one notification platfom.

The list of events you can notify about are: 2.

Hello! How can we help?

You must have transferableCurrencies enabled for this to work. This is poloniex api key and secret to the information you get in the log line when running the bot, or the line a the top of the web page.

This will just click for source you a notification every 2 hours minutes.

Useful if you are running multiple bots and need to differentiate the source. Once you have decided which notifications you want to recive, you can then go about configuring platforms to send them on.

Poloniex api key and secret the bot supports: 2. Https://showcatalog.ru/and/bitcoin-and-forex-trade.html can send to as many channels or users as you want.

You can do that here. Once you have a bot id you need to get your Chat ID or create a channel and invite the bot so it can chat there. You can read more about it here. Telegram Bots are special accounts that do not require an additional phone number to set up, they do however need a unique authentication poloniex api key and secret.

When we dxy analysis we are creating a new telegram bot, all it means is that we are creating an account for the lendingbot to send message through.

To create a bot and get a token, we must request it from the BotFather. These are the steps to carry out: Install the poloniex api key and secret desktop client from their site. Then set it up with your phone number and login.

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