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Sun and moon coin magic

sun and moon coin magicThe success of this trick depends mainly on the smooth execution of the "Bobo Switch" and the "Goshman Back Pinch." The Sun & Moon coin set consists of a. The most famous of these is Albert Goshman's "The Sun and Moon" from Modern Coin Magic by J.B. Bobo. In effect, two coins are shown - a half dollar and an.

A year or two ago, I did just that with a pretty junkie to begin with Walking Liberty Half.

Sun and moon coin magic

Although it did not look to me to be anywhere near a "perfect or sun and moon coin magic perfect" job. It worked see more when performed for specs.

They are not sun and moon coin magic as OCD about coins and gaffs as we are.

Sun and moon coin magic

Then seek out the gaffers and get some quotes. You may be pleasantly surprised how little they do cost sun and moon coin magic you mix and match within a set than getting just the one custom set you want.

Sun and moon coin magic

I am also sure, if you catch them when they are not swamped, that many of the big name gaffers may https://showcatalog.ru/and/what-is-bitcoin-and-how-do-you-buy-it.html willing to work with you on stuff like this.

It is up to you to be proactive.

Sun and moon coin magic

I also wanted to know if he would sell me a few extra dollar size copper coins to match and do other effects with. After getting every single spec in order he came up with a price that I sun and moon coin magic more than willing to pay.

Much better that I expected Then I also decided that since I am using more Morgans for magic along with these extra dollar size copper coins.

Sun and moon coin magic

Boom, another reasonable price and I am gaffed up nicely now in the Morgans. Shoot me a PM with your email and I will send some pix. I can do it that way quicker than trying to figure out again how to actually get a photo to post in a thread.


Sun and moon coin magic

Happy hunting.

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