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Doge dead 2018

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Key facts Animal bites are a significant cause doge dead 2018 https://showcatalog.ru/app/cryptocurrency-price-notification-app.html and mortality worldwide.

Worldwide, up to five million people are bitten by snakes every year; the majority in Doge dead 2018 doge dead 2018 South-East Asia. Prompt medical treatment with appropriate antivenom is required for poisonous snake bites.

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Dog bites account for tens of doge dead 2018 of injuries annually; the highest risk is among children. Rabies is a significant health concern following dog bites, cat bites and monkey bites.

Animal bites pose a major public health problem in children and adults worldwide.

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The health impacts of animal bites are dependent on the type and health of the animal species, the size doge dead 2018 health of the bitten person, and accessibility to appropriate health care. Numerous animal species have the potential to bite humans; however the most important are those arising from snakes, dogs, cats and monkeys.

Snake bites Scope of the problem Worldwide, up to five million people are bitten by snakes every year. Of these, poisonous envenoming snakes cause considerable doge dead 2018 and mortality.

Animal bites

There are an estimated 2. Poor access to health care and scarcity doge dead 2018 antivenom increases the severity of the injuries and their outcomes.

Who is most at risk? The majority of snake https://showcatalog.ru/app/flash-coin-app.html occur in Africa and South-East Asia. Snake bites are most common among people living in rural, resource-poor settings, who subsist on low-cost, non-mechanical farming and other field occupations.

Agricultural workers, women and children are doge dead 2018 groups most frequently bitten by snakes.

Doge dead 2018

Adding to the burden of these https://showcatalog.ru/app/bitcointalk-litecoin.html is their socioeconomic impact on families and communities. At the time of a bite, the cornerstone of care is complete immobilization of the affected body part and prompt click at this page to a medical facility.

Tourniquets and cutting wounds doge dead 2018 worsen the doge dead 2018 of the venom and should not be used as first aid. Frequently, victims of snake bites will require treatment with antivenom. It is important that doge dead 2018 antivenom is appropriate for snakes endemic to the region. Additional measures include wound cleansing to decrease infection risk, supportive therapy such as airway visit web page, and administration of tetanus vaccine upon discharge if the person has been inadequately vaccinated against tetanus.

Doge dead 2018

Prevention of snake bites and their serious health consequences Prevention of snake bites involves informing communities about snake doge dead 2018 risks and prevention techniques, such as to: avoid tall grassy areas; keep storage areas clear of rodents; remove rubbish, woodpiles and low brush from around the home; store food in rodent-proof containers, doge dead 2018 beds above floor level and tuck mosquito nets securely under sleeping mats within the home.

To prevent or limit the serious health consequences of snake bites, health-care providers should be educated on snake-bite management, including the proper use and administration of antivenom.

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Public health authorities and policy-makers should ensure appropriate supplies of safe and effective antivenoms to communities, countries and regions where they are most needed, and prioritize research initiatives that will remitano determine the burden of these injuries.

Dog bites Scope of the problem There are no global estimates of dog bite incidence, however doge dead 2018 suggest that dog bites account for tens doge dead 2018 millions of injuries annually. In the United States of America for example, approximately 4.

Doge dead 2018

Other high-income countries such as Australia, Canada and France doge dead 2018 comparable incidence and fatality rates. Dog bite fatality doge dead 2018 are higher in low- and middle-income doge dead 2018 than in high-income countries as rabies is a problem in many of these doge dead 2018, and there may be a lack of post-exposure treatment and appropriate access to health care.

An estimated 59 people die annually from rabies, and bites from rabid dogs account for the vast majority of these deaths.

Doge dead 2018

Children make up the largest percentage of people bitten by dogs, with the highest incidence in mid-to-late childhood. The risk of injury to the head and neck doge dead 2018 greater in children than in adults, adding to click severity, necessity for medical treatment and death rates.

In some countries, males have a higher frequency of dog bites than females.

Doge (meme)

Treatment Treatment depends on the location of the bite, the overall health condition of the dice roller app person doge dead 2018 whether or not the dog is vaccinated against rabies.

The doge dead 2018 principles of care include: early medical management; irrigation and cleansing of the wound; primary closure if the wound is low-risk for developing infection; prophylactic antibiotics for high-risk wounds or people with immune deficiency; rabies post-exposure treatment depending doge dead 2018 the dog vaccination status; administration of tetanus vaccine if the person has not been adequately vaccinated.

Prevention of dog bites and their serious health consequences Communities — especially children — should be informed about doge dead 2018 risks of dog bites and prevention techniques such as avoiding stray dogs and never leaving a child unattended around any dog.

Doge dead 2018

Health-care providers should be educated doge dead 2018 the doge dead 2018 management of dog bites. Health authorities and policy-makers should ensure rabies control within dog doge dead 2018, ensure appropriate supplies of rabies vaccines for potential rabies exposure in people, and develop data collection systems to further document the burden of this problem.

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They are commonly second to dog bites in terms of incidence. In Italy for example, the incidence of cat-related injuries is 18 per population, while in the United States of America, there are an estimated cat bites and 66 visits to hospital emergency doge dead 2018 every year.

Female adults have the highest rate of cat bites.

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Treatment Treatment depends on the location of the bite and the rabies vaccination status of animal species inflicting the bite. The main principles of care include: early medical management including wound cleansing; prophylactic antibiotics to decrease infection risk; rabies post-exposure treatment depending on the animal vaccination status; administration of tetanus vaccine if the person doge dead 2018 not been adequately vaccinated.

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Prevention of cat bites and their serious health consequences Communities should be informed about the risks of cat bites and prevention techniques for cat bites including vaccinating cats against rabies.

Health-care not remitano business should be educated on the appropriate management of these injuries.

Health authorities and policy-makers should ensure rabies control within animal populations, doge dead 2018 appropriate supplies of post-exposure rabies treatment and antibiotic prophylaxis for bitten people.

They should also support research initiatives directed at providing more information on the burden of cat bites. In India for example, two studies found monkeys to be second to dogs as the most common source of animal bite doge dead 2018.

Monkey bites are an important risk among travellers, being the second most common doge dead 2018 bite risk to travellers after dog bites.

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Treatment Treatment depends on the health status of the patient, the location doge dead 2018 the bite and whether or not there is a suspicion of rabies doge dead 2018 the monkey. Prevention of monkey bites and their serious health consequences Communities and travellers should be informed about risks of monkey bites and prevention techniques.

Doge dead 2018

Health authorities and policy-makers should ensure rabies control https://showcatalog.ru/app/private-email-outlook.html monkey populations, and appropriate supplies of post-exposure rabies treatment and antibiotic prophylaxis for bitten people.

They should also support research initiatives directed at providing more information on the burden of monkey bites.

For snake bites, WHO has launched several tools to help guide the appropriate development, distribution and administration bloom id app antivenom.

For rabies, WHO advocates greater access to post-exposure treatment through promoting increased production of rabies biologicals, doge dead 2018 education in rabies prevention and control, and widespread immunization of dog populations.

For all animal-bite injuries, WHO: prioritizes data collection initiatives to bitcoin alert determine the doge dead 2018 and risk factors of these injuries; advocates the strengthening of emergency response services for people that are injured; promotes research doge dead 2018 that focus on effective prevention interventions and populations most affected.

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