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Original 2048 game app

original 2048 game appis a single-player sliding block puzzle game designed by Italian web developer Gabriele has been described as similar to the app Threes released a month earlier. As the source code is available, many additions to the original game, including a score leaderboard, an undo feature, and improved touchscreen. The smash hit web-based game, , has just been ported to own Android version of the app, and he still gives full credit to the game that.

Original 2048 game app

It's a great game but original 2048 game app version is useless on my PC. It keeps 'ghosting' tiles - you see tiles that aren't there and the numbers are all jumbled up - original 2048 game app it impossible to play.

Original 2048 game app

I've tried installing - uninstalling - reinstalling twice original 2048 game app it makes no difference. I think it is a factor of how fast you use the keys fast in my case. Very frustrating.

Original 2048 game app

It worked fine on my https://showcatalog.ru/app/eth-nanopool-help.html but useless on my PC.

I'd even put up with the awful ads if it worked.

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Pros: It's a great and addictive game Cons: Does not work on my PC get rid of the ads - they're awful More reviewed on February 5, by Anonymous Good port of original game to original 2048 game app windows desktop. This is interesting port of original game by Gabrielle Cirulli to the Windows Desktop.

Original 2048 game app

Classic design, fonts, colors, intermediate GUI window with big green button 'Start' All that details are copied precisely.

This exactness is even a bit funny curious: the original 2048 game app inside original 2048 game app https://showcatalog.ru/app/bittrex-desktop-app.html positioned a bit bottom relative to the tiles' centers.

We suppose, it was an 'authentic' mistake of Gabrielle Cirulli that had been copied too original 2048 game app order to stay exact.

2048 by Gabriele Cirulli

One disadvantage is large program size being installed original 2048 game app disk, 35 Megabytes. But Softonic downloader does his work perfectly, installing ' Desktop' application quickly.

Original 2048 game app

So we give great thanks to Rupesh Sreeraman, the creator of ' Desktop' game. Also we thank Softonic team for comfortable and fast downloader.

Original 2048 game app

original 2048 game app We are the girls and we have a biased point of view, so original 2048 game app we have decided to create our own girls here of game.

So we have removed intermediate window with big green button 'Start' to allow a user to begin playing immediately.

Original 2048 game app

Also we have original 2048 game app possibility to exit game instantly by pressing magic original 2048 game app 'Esc', regardless whether application is maximized, minimized, or has focus at all. We call this 'anti-Boss' protection.

And we have implemented anti-cheat protection, original 2048 game app you to compete scores and bet with your friends. Playing bigger fields is not as easy as it appear.

Check us atwindows-download.

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