- 04.03.2020

Vibe hub app

vibe hub appVIBEHub is Bridging the gap between communities for gaming & entertainment on the blockchain. The VIBE Ecosystem provides technologies that help drive the​. How is the VIBE currency used on the VIBEHub application? In order to watch concerts, partake in education seminars and workshops, attend meet & greets and.

Vibe hub app

The VibeHub vibe hub app will use holoportation technology to holoport mainstream artists and educators in real time in a Virtual Reality setting. This revolutionary technology is going to change vibe hub app way artists and vibe hub app monetize content on the internet in the future.

Vibe hub app

They have been aggressive with team expansion and technology vibe hub app during the course of their Token Sale.

In the last week they have announced a partnership with LiveTourLab and vibe hub app in turn brought on three new respected advisers and four new developers for the project.

Vibe hub app

In their latest technology release they have shown their current investors and potential investors a glimpse into the future with in app footage preview of the VibeHub application regarding how education seminars are going to look in the future for Virtual Reality.

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Vibe vs Microsoft Surface Hub

This is their fifth technology release in the past six weeks and the team already has a beta live vibe hub app the android app boarding passes renowned oculus platform.

You can also preview the web browser version which displays the community aspect of Vibe hub app.

Vibe hub app

vibe hub app You can sign up for both at vibehub. The team has also secured vibe hub app hardware partner vibe hub app build out their Augmented Reality production facility and are vibe hub app the final agreements.

Vibe hub app

Expect big announcements from the VibeHub team in the coming weeks.

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