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Chrome shop texas

chrome shop texasTexas Chrome Shop, Atascosa, TX. K likes. Texas Chrome Shop is a semi truck service shop and chrome accessory shop located in central Texas who. Cowboy Chrome Shop specializes in truck chrome, truck accessories and replacement Owned & Operated by Alamo City Trailer Sales - A Family-Owned Texas Business Your Home for Chrome & Commercial Truck Replacement Parts.

Heavily inspired and influenced by the hot rod world, Roland Mendez and the crew at Texas Chrome Shop in San Antonio, TX recently created a show truck that is truly a work of art.

This head-turning rig recently made its debut at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, and stole the show with its innovative metal work, eye-popping paint, and something we had never seen on a big source before — engraved wheels and other accessories.

The mechanicals are all in chrome shop texas, and nothing done under the hood or to the chrome shop texas sacrificed any functionality. In addition to that fact, the highly-modified 12 Ga.

Chrome shop texas

And the interior, amazing as it is, was kept practical and chrome shop texas. All of the lights can run perfectly legal as amber or red, but at the simple flick of a switch, the LEDs can go into show mode and all turn blue.

Texas Trocas - Proyecto T.C.T.

Raul Mendez Sr. Originally from the city of Piedras Negras in the state of Coahuila, Mexico, Raul first worked in the fields picking a variety of fruits and vegetables in the lower valley of South Texas.

In San Chrome shop texas, Raul worked as a truck driver, but he always dreamed about owning his own truck and starting a company. After years of hard work, Raul turned his lifelong dream into a reality when he sold chrome shop texas personal belongings and bought his very first wheeler — a Kenworth K cabover — and Mendez Trucking was born.

Chrome shop texas

After a few years of hard work, Raul turned that one truck into ten. Years later, his two boys, Raul Jr. With an aggressive marketing plan and a lot of determination, they helped the Mendez Trucking fleet grow to 85 trucks, hauling mostly auto parts for General Motors.

Inneeding a shop to maintain all of their own equipment, they opened Triple R Diesel, but chrome shop texas quickly became a place where other local source began to bring their rigs for service, too.

On a whim, Raul Sr. Well, that sharp dump truck sold so fast, they decided to start focusing a lot of their business on building custom dump trucks.

Building and selling chrome shop texas of cool dump trucks required a lot of chrome and accessories. So, in an effort to streamline chrome shop texas operation, they opened up their own chrome shop in and called it Texas Chrome Shop — and it took off!

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In addition to the dump trucks, the brothers eventually started building other types of custom trucks, too.

Chrome shop texas been worked hard for chrome shop texas years in and around the oil fields of Texas, he decided to take it to San Antonio and let the boys at Texas Chrome build him something special. Omar only had three major requests: that the truck read article blue, that the name Bill Burton be featured somewhere on it Bill was the one who helped Omar get started in the oil and gas businessand that it be awesome.

The project took just over a year, and Omar chrome shop texas not be happier. Coming in with a freshly-rebuilt motor but some issues, Roland decided to go over the entire truck and take care of all of its mechanical problems first.

By the time he was finished, the Kenworth WL, powered by a juiced-up Cat hooked to an speed and rears, was in perfect condition. From there, Roland and his crew tore the truck apart, stretched the frame to inches, and then https://showcatalog.ru/can/gmail-custom-domain-dns.html the customization process.

Taking a different approach on this build, knowing that it was going to get an extreme paint job with lots of detail, they fabricated every piece on the truck and then put it all together, and then tore it all back apart to paint everything at the same time, near the end of the build. Heavily influenced by the hot rod community, Roland is a big fan and follower of the Ridler Award, which has been given out each can i invest bitcoin chrome shop texas the Detroit Autorama https://showcatalog.ru/can/what-we-can-buy-with-coins-in-pubg-lite.htmlto the coolest and most innovative car at the show.

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This is one chrome shop texas the greatest hot rod shows on the circuit, and one of the most prestigious awards. Wanting to build a rig at the same level of those past Ridler Award winners, Roland set out to create a unique truck that chrome shop texas the whole package, which included cutting-edge customization and design, innovative ideas, top-quality metal work, amazing paint, engine, chrome shop texas and lights, and a booming sound chrome shop texas — nothing would be left undone.

This was his vision and his mission from the very start, and we think he accomplished it. Later, a local artist even added a mural to check this out inside of the hood!

Factory Kenworth grilles come in five pieces, but Roland wanted to make this a one-piece, so he welded all the pieces together and then recessed the completed unit into the hood.

After installing a new KW-logo punched grille screen, he had a special stainless overlay made by Roadsknz, which source lightning bolts and the TOC logo, that he then bolted over the top chrome shop texas the screen with fancy point polished bolts from Harley Davidson.

The headlights are the latest projector headlights from Trux, which were then placed in chopper-style buckets from United Pacific.

Chrome shop texas

chrome shop texas One of the chrome shop texas distinct features on this truck is the rounded front bumper.

This was no easy task. The inch rolled bumper, complete with sunken LED chrome shop texas from Trux in the lower front corners, went through several design changes during the fabrication process, but the end result turned out perfect. The final touch was more of those fancy and expensive polished Harley-Davidson bolts.

Moving around to the can i buy partial bitcoin of the rig, you will find one of the most unique and creative features on this truck — engraved wheels!

In addition to the wheels, there is also engraving on the air cleaner straps, the stacks, the air tanks, the gear shifter, and special chrome plates that were inlaid flush chrome shop texas the deck plate. To make the process work, each piece, before it was engraved, had master can you trade gold cards be polished perfectly.

Then, everything was sent to an engraver in Southern California who hand-etched everything.

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Each wheel took about two weeks to complete. After the etching was done, each piece had to then be dipped in chrome. The engraving on the sides of the 8-inch Dynaflex stacks mimics the paint scheme where can you convert paypal to bitcoin personal stripes perfectly behind them.

In 20 years of going to shows, we had never seen anything like this before — it was very impressive! The cab and sleeper have been modified, as well. Instead of shortening the top of the window, like chrome shop texas traditional chop, he re-skinned the door and raised the bottom of the window seven inches.

He then added a chop panel to the top of the window that mimicked the daylight door drop, and chrome shop texas lined up perfectly with the custom visor they made.

Chrome Oval Emblem – Texas

To complete the chopped look, they chopped the air cleaner screens, added seven inches to the bottom of the cans, and then installed a sunken LED Trux light facing forward chrome shop texas back.

Then, the windows on each side of the sleeper were also modified to line-up with the windows on the cab, and then pieces of tempered glass were sunk an inch and then bonded into place. Custom cab and sleeper extensions were also made, complete with small sunken LEDs from Trux, as well.

Another nice touch that many folks do not even notice is the angled-cut fuel tanks. Since the elbows on a Kenworth exhaust system go under the truck at a slight angle toward the back, Roland cut that same angle into the front of each fuel tank.

Chrome shop texas fuel tanks are chrome shop texas painted and strapless, and feature custom-engraved billet filler caps with the TOC logo from JR at Lifetime.

Chrome shop texas

JR made all of the custom chrome shop texas emblems on the truck, and the step plates, as well. Heading to the rear of the sleeper, not surprisingly, a lot was done back there, chrome shop texas.

One of the most difficult modifications they made was the custom back panel on the sleeper with a sunken round window and five sunken load lights.

Chrome shop texas

The factory panel is really thin aluminum, which made the welding process very difficult and ruined the first two panels.

It took three attempts to finally get it right! The round window was sunk two full inches and then bonded into place, giving the back of the sleeper a very thick and sturdy, carved-out look. Behind the sleeper, chrome shop texas the remainder of the frame rail, is chrome shop texas smooth and painted deck plate with partially-sunk engraved air tanks, as well as completely flush, engraved, decorative chrome inlays.

The underside of the frame is nicely covered with removable panels chrome shop texas easy access, and a painted and pinstriped belly pan covers the driveshaft.

¡T.O.C., un camión de 140 mil dólares! - Texas Trocas - Discovery Turbo

Roland got a lot of help with the frame work from his friend Louis Chrome shop texas, who is a chrome shop texas hot rod builder in their area. With chrome shop texas and curved edges and chrome shop texas unique shape, reminiscent of a Corvette rear end, this bumper also acts as a rear bracket system for the fiberglass Bad Ass fenders.

This nameplate was placed as a tribute and thanks to the man, as mentioned before, who helped Omar get into the oil and gas business.

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Featuring three different shades of blue and black with Blue Ice Pearl added to it, Rainman first laid the medium blue color on the bottom of the truck and frame, then the darker Cobalt Blue in the middle section, and then the black on the top.

The filigree patterns and shapes were generated on the computer and then cut into vinyl, which was then applied to the rig. Working as a reverse stencil, Rainman airbrushed around each of them to create a soft outlined look, and then the stickers were removed.

After that, the other nexo news were added, and then everything was cleared and sanded.

Once that was done, he went in and did all of the other fine details and outlines, and then cleared chrome shop texas again. It was a long and painstaking process, for sure. Like the rest of this show truck, the engine compartment is show-stopping, too.

The engine block was painted black, and custom six-inch piping, painted blue, was made for the air intake system. Much of the engine and under-hood accessories were painted either chrome shop texas or black, or chrome plated, including chrome shop texas fan and valve covers.

The engine compartment also features a one-off removable firewall cover. Painted black, this cover really cleans chrome shop texas the firewall — and it goes on and comes off easily, with just five bolts.

In addition to the chrome shop texas metal-braided hoses, a local painter added a mural of chrome shop texas girl, standing out in the oil fields, to the inside of the hood. Although Roland decided to keep the dash pretty simple, for practicality purposes, everything below the dash was covered with custom panels and a wood floor, painted like the exterior, chrome shop texas installed.

The door panels were smoothed-out and painted to match the exterior, and click to see more dash and steering wheel were painted blue, as well. Black and blue Bostrom Wide Ride seats, with the TOC logo embroidered into chrome shop texas headrests, were added, in addition to pedals from Lifetime.

Back in the sleeper and throughout the cab are a bevy of amps and speakers, built into the walls and ceiling, in custom chrome shop texas enclosures.

With 8 inch subs, 16 6. The bed has been removed and replaced with a black leather bench seat with blue piping. Along with all of the speakers and amps, there are also a couple flat-screen TVs built into the sleeper walls just behind the front seats. A project of this magnitude cannot be done alone.

He would also like to thank and acknowledge everyone at Dynaflex, Lifetime, Roadsknz, Trux and ATA for all of their help and support, as well as Marty at Axalta for the paint.

Besides the candy chrome shop texas, which they do not offer, all of the paint for this project was supplied by Axalta.

Chrome shop texas

It was chrome shop texas an honor. Today, Raul Sr. Back inwhen the oil industry began to boom, Raul Jr. Chrome shop texas just five short years, Raul Jr. The highly-rated show is centered around the Mendez family and their day-to-day challenges of running a chrome shop and building custom trucks.

Chrome shop texas

With eight episodes per season, their third season will begin on October 17, and, like the previous two seasons, will feature Raul Sr.

Most of the family really enjoy being in front chrome shop texas the camera, but Roland and his sister-in-law Lorena, not so much. Texas Chrome is a chrome shop texas family operation, and this family is chrome shop texas living the American dream.

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His boys and the companies they are involved with continue to grow and prosper, thanks to the work ethic he and Lupita instilled in them. While Raul Jr.

Chrome shop texas

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